10 best timekeeping quartz watch for men

Today, successful men like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and even the pope, wear a quartz watch. A rocking […]

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Top 6 Swimwear Summer Trends in 2019 that You Need to Know

Summer is here and temperatures are soaring, so now is the time to get your bikinis out and lounge by […]

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Starting a luxury watch collection: the full guide

If you love wearing the fashion wrist watch, you may be interested in starting a luxury watch collection. This is […]

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Tips for selecting the perfect watch

A high-quality watch is a powerful accessory that helps you stand out wherever you go. Choosing a unique watch and […]

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Which Type of Timepiece Movement is Right for You? Automatic or Quartz?

The timepiece movement, also known as the heart of the watch, acts as the engine of the watch to help […]

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How to match a watch with your outfit

For a majority of people, matching a watch to the outfit seems complex and not practical. However, this is far [...] Read More

Ten tips on how to take care of your watch

A watch is a precious accessory often associated with personal memories that make it a sentimental object. If you take […]

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Reasons Why People Collect Watches

There is an endless list of things people will collect for a variety of reasons; this, in fact, is one of those things which makes us all human. For many people, collecting watches can be something of a hobby or even an outright addiction. Almost as a rule, they seek out vintage pieces more often, which is why these are worth considerably more among horology aficionados.

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Different Materials Used in Watches

Watches these days are made using a variety of different materials. This is based on the brand manufacturing a piece, and the model they are putting out. For the demanding watch lover, getting the right watch means having an at least cursory education in the materials used these days. It also helps to know the pros and cons of each. Below are some of the chief materials used in watchmaking.

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Why Watches Make the Perfect Gift

The holiday season has just passed, and you might have been stressed and busy finishing up your last-minute purchases. However, if you are yet to decide on a gift for your loved ones next year, start looking for inexpensive watches online now. In fact, watches make the perfect gift for all, irrespective of their age or gender. Below are some of the reasons why buying a good watch should be on your bucket list this holiday season.

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Tips for Choosing Luxury Watches for Women

For most women, watches are an important part of their outfit when they step outside. A high-end watch will never stop being a worthy style investment, assuming ample consideration goes into picking it from among the wide range of available options. The right watch for each individual woman should be able to align perfectly with her personal taste, as well as complement her outfit in all the best possible ways.

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Choosing the Best Tonneau Watch

There are a lot of options as far as good inexpensive watches these days, tonneau watches being one of them. Tonneau, which means “barrel” in French, is a classic vintage watch shape that has been iterated on since the 1920’s. In fact, the tonneau shape was introduced in the watch industry in 1906, but it was considered an exclusive style for women in its initial years.However, the style crossed borders during the Art Deco period and became immensely popular worldwide for its unusual yet elegant curved design.

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The Perfect Watch for Every Occasion

  Dressing for the occasion comes easy to some people, while others continually struggle to grasp the basics of what [...] Read More

The Importance of Choosing the Right Watch Dial Color

The colors people choose to wear reveal a lot about their personalities and preferences, and this applies to the watches they choose as well. Not only does a simple aspect such face plate color affect how you portray yourself, but it also eases your transition into the person you want to project. Alongside the tiepin and the signet ring, a watch is a heavily crucial accessory that men must focus on.

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Choosing the Right Strap for Your Watch

Watches these days come in a variety of different straps and bracelet options. Picking one is not always simple, considering [...] Read More

A Quick Look at Dual Time, GMT, and World Time

Whether you’re a world traveler or angel investor, whenever you travel overseas keeping tracking of local time and your home [...] Read More

A Look at the Chronograph Function

The chronograph is one of the most common features in modern watches. Men all around insist on having it, for [...] Read More

How Temperature and Climate Can Affect your Watch

When it comes to traveling with a good watch, there is always the chance that you will partially or completely [...] Read More

What to Look for in a Smartwatch

As technology grows and evolves, it makes sense that there would be lots of changes in demand when it comes [...] Read More

How Often Should you Service a Mechanical Watch

Your mechanical watch is in many ways like a sports car – it needs periodic servicing to make sure it [...] Read More

A Basic Guide to Buying an Inexpensive Watch

Everyone wants to own a good-looking watch, preferably something high-end. However, a $50,000 watch is not inside everyone’s budget, and [...] Read More

How Water and Depth Resistance Work

Most watches these days are water resistant or are at least marketed as such. This simply means they can get [...] Read More

The Beauty of Time- Elico x Cuba

Take a ride with Elico Assoulini as we venture into beautiful Cuba. With it's sugar white beaches, legendary tobacco field, [...] Read More