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Return Policy

Elico Assoulini provides a three-year limited warranty for every timepiece. The warranty period begins at the date of purchase, which can be found on your purchase receipt. The warranty covers all tangible parts of the watch with the exception of the battery, should your watch contain one.

If you are not satisfied with your watch we will be happy to exchange it for you. We do not offer monetary refunds at this time.

A one-year extended limited warranty is available for purchase during the first fifteen days of your purchase by calling our toll-free line at 1.866.985.9222 or visiting our website at

If your watch requires repair or replacement, please follow the shipping directions included in the instruction manual. Once we have received your timepiece, our team of professional technicians will examine it for any signs of vandalism. Elico Assoulini reserves the right to void the warranty if vandalism is detected. Vandalism is defined as; damage to the timepiece incurred upon intentional improper handling. Please allow up to sixty days for the repair or replacement of your watch.

If after our technicians determine your timepiece falls within warranty guidelines, Elico Assoulini will repair the issue free of charge. If you should require a replacement, Elico Assoulini will provide you with your exact model free of charge. Should your exact model no longer be available, Elico Assoulini offers the opportunity to choose a replacement timepiece of equal or lesser value. Except in the case of battery replacement, the warranty is void if your watch has been repaired, maintained, and/or altered by a third-party dealer, watch repair service, or any persons not authorized by Elico Assoulini. Elico Assoulini does not offer warranty coverage, repair, or replacement services on products purchased from an unauthorized, or off-price retailer.

The warranty is subject to change at any time without prior notice. Please check our website at for the most up-to-date version.

Designed by Elico Assoulini in the USA. Japanese Movement unless not specified.


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